Driven Boar Bullet Pouch

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A 20 capacity bullet pouch designed for driven wild boar shooting. A matching belt can also be supplied for a small extra cost.


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Firing 20 plus rounds in a driven boar / deer drive requires organisation and speed, this is our solution to simplify that effort.

The “Driven Wild Boar Pouch” holds 20 rounds of any size in two rows of 10 (the long 9.3 x 74R fits perfectly), it slides nicely onto a belt where it can stay until lunch or you can slip the belt off between drives.

Made from a combination of soft panel hide and two slightly stiffer types of hide it is slightly curved and contains individual sockets for each of the 20 bullets; these sockets are .410 in size so that the bullet will come out easily with no resistance; about 1″ of bullet shows above each socket so there is no clinking of bullets but there is plenty of brass showing for quick withdrawl.

The pouch has a soft leather cover which closes with two Sam Browns studs and makes for completely silent opening and closing; when open, the soft cover folds back out of the way, behind the pouch. The pouch has a double back allowing any width of belt to be pushed through; we can supply a hand sewn bridle hide matching belt.

An added touch of personalisation can be added by blocking name, initials or calibre

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3 reviews for Driven Boar Bullet Pouch

  1. Adrian Hollis (verified owner)

    I have used the pouch for a couple of years now. It is still in excellent shape. Initially the cartridges were a tight fit but by leaving some .410 cartridges in it for a few months it eased up well.
    It will easily hold more than 20 cartridges. (8 x 57 in my case) It is a quality item that will last forever.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Everything perfect!

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

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