Large 8 Round Conker Bullet Pouch
Large 8 Round Conker Bullet Pouch

Large Bullet Pouch



Our standard large cowhide bullet pouch takes 8 bullets up to and including .375 H & H or 9.74R. Our express version will take all rounds up to the .416Rigby.


Please identify if you would like an Express round size

Please select the colour of your pouch, (Colours may vary slightly on Croc and Ostrich)

Please select the closure option, a press stud comes as standard (No)

Please use the box below to identify your blocking requirement as you would like them to appear, name, initials, calibre (indentify Capitals and Full Stops)


This large bullet pouch takes exactly the same calibres as the small pouch which are the usual calibres, .243 .308 etc up to and including .375H &H.

We also make an EXPRESS version of the large bullet pouch which again takes 8 of the longer express bullets for calibres up to .416 Rigby. Please select yes in the drop down menu for the express version.

Should you require we can also make these bullet pouches with a traditional Sam Brown closure which can be considered quieter.

These pouches work well on a belt or in your roe sack.

For an added touch of personalisation the pouches can also be blocked with names, initials, or calibre.

Additional information


Cowhide, Ostrich, Croc


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