Half Bound Leather Game Book



A half bound leather covered Game Book with page edges gilded. This stunning book is produced in a traditional manner that can take pride of place in a gun room, office, or on a bookshelf, a stunning book meant to be filled with memories of a day in the field.

The pages are laid out to record the date, location, quarry, guns, and includes space for comments.


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The book is 29cm / 23cm. The cover is blocked in gold with “Game Book” and the initials or name of the owner can also be added.

The pages of the book are split into eight individual outings. There are 88 double pages with the following headers from left to right: Date, Place, Grouse, Black Game, Partridges, Pheasants, Woodcock, Snipe, Duck, Geese, Deer Various, Total, with Guns and Comments on the Day on the right hand page. There is also and additional row for the balance bought forward from the previous page.

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Half Bound Leather Game Book


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